Not Just A Fool With A Fancy Guitar

Blessing, it’s probably not something we think a lot about, unless someone has sneezed, of course. A blessing is a powerful thing. Now, I’m talking about the, “that boy’s got rocks in his head, bless his heart,” type of blessing. Although, that type of blessing is powerful too, just in a different kind of way. For whatever reason, perhaps because it’s become Christianize, the spiritual principle of blessing has largely lost it’s platform to deeply speak into our lives.

A couple of months ago I taught a short devotional on, Blessings, to a group of families in our church. I was given this book that I’ve hi-lighted, and the principles in it have changed my nightly rituals and how I think about the term blessing in general. Now, for all those out there who aren’t married or don’t have kids, please don’t stop reading now. Although this particular book emphasizes the family blessing, a spiritual understanding of blessings is important for all followers of Christ.

As a nursery pastor I have the opportunity to meet with many young couples wanting to dedicate their children. While many people understand that dedicating a child is more about the commitments the parents are making to live a life of love, faith, and obedience that will directly influence the lives of their children, many see dedication as a way to pass the buck if you will. They think that because they went through the physical act of dedicating their child that they are no longer responsible for the spiritual well being of their child’s life. It’s not that people don’t want their children to be blessed by any means, but they don’t understand that the channel of blessing flows directly through them. With more and more people growing up fatherless or in broken homes, many have never experienced through their own families what it means to be blessed, and therefore have no idea how to reverse the tide. I myself fall into this category, but, the blessing we should have received is not lost.

Throughout scripture, we see that God is a God of blessings. When it comes to having the spiritual gift of giving, nobody tops God. He makes promises, and those promises extend to generation after generation. We also see throughout scripture that God’s blessing often flows through parents, as seen in Genesis 27:1-40. It’s important to have a deeper understanding of the term blessing to really grasp why it’s so significant.

The word, blessing, comes from the ancient term, berakah.

  • To the ancient Hebrews, a barakah was the transmittal or endowment of the power of God’s goodness and favor, usually through the spoken word and often with the accompanying act of the laying on of hands.
  • For Abraham, the berakah was God’s spoken declaration of favor that would convey God’s power to make him into a great nation and able to transmit that divine favor and power to the whole world.
  • The Hebrews believed that the spoken work carried great power for good and evil
  • Most ancient peoples were convinced, as the Hebrews were, that words once spoken take on a life of their own. So when a word of blessing was given, the speaker could not retract it.
  • This was the case with Isaac’s blessing, which was given mistakenly to his younger son, Jacob, rather than to his firstborn, Esau (Gen. 27:1-40).
  • In the New Testament, the word most often translated as “bless” is the Greek verb eulogeo, from which we get the words eulogy and eulogize. It means literally “to speak well of” or “to express praise.”
  • As in the Old Testament, this blessing was often the act of calling down God’s gracious power on someone.
  • Such benedictions, or prayers of blessing, always included the name of God

As we all know, the words we receive, as well as the words we speak, have a powerful effect on our lives and the lives of others. We have the power to speak words of blessing that will extend from one generation to the next. The first act in extending this act of berakah to others is to first receive it ourselves. While the blessing of God is a free gift, and given lavishly, it is not without conditions. The condition for God’s blessing is always obedience. By simply putting ourselves into alignment with God’s word, we step under the shadow of his covering and into his blessing. Once we determine to live under his blessing, then that same blessing will flow to our children and our children’s children.

I mentioned that this book, The Family Blessing, has changed my nightly ritual. I so long for the blessing of God to be on my family and children. I understand that in large part I hold the keys to that blessing as the spiritual priest of my home. Now, before my baby girls is put in her crib, I lay my hands on her and I pray, “The LORD bless you and keep you; The LORD make His face shine on you, And be gracious to you; The LORD lift up His countenance on you, And give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-46. Never mind the fact that at 1 years old, she hates it. Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m the only thing in the way of her and feeding; I don’t care though, she’s getting blessed. Seriously though, I don’t know about you, but I refuse to withhold the blessing that at one time was withheld from me, but is now flowing because of God’s grace. Don’t withhold the blessing. Remember, you are a priest and a prince in the Kingdom of God.

If you want to understand the title, you’ll have to watch the video below.

It’s so easy to cash in these chips on my shoulder
So easy to loose this old tongue like a tiger
It’s easy to let all this bitterness smolder
Just to hide it away like a cigarette lighter

It’s easy to curse and to hurt and to hinder
It’s easy to not have the heart to remember
That I am a priest and a prince in the Kingdom of God

I’ve got voices that scream in my head like a siren
Fears that I feel in the night when I sleep
Stupid choices I made when I played in the mire
Like a kid in the mud on some dirty blind street

I’ve got sorrow to spare, I’ve got loneliness too
I’ve got blood on these hands that hold on to the truth
That I am a priest and a prince in the Kingdom of God

I swore on the Bible to not tell a lie
But I’ve lied and lied
And I crossed my heart and I hoped to die
And I’ve died and died

But if it’s true that you gathered my sin in your hand
And you cast it as far as the east from the west
If it’s true that you put on the flesh of a man
And you walked in my shoes through the shadow of death

If it’s true that you dwell in the halls of my heart
Then I’m not just a fool with a fancy guitar
No, I am a priest and a prince in the Kingdom of God

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