Verdict, Schmerdict

16 Jul

Great thoughts from a great man on recent events. Let’s not join the circus.

Mark Nicklas

Who was Trayvon Martin? A sweet Florida kid who got hunted down? A drugged-up hoodlum?  Obama’s imaginary son? A neighborhood troublemaker? A victim? An attacker? A good kid?  A bad man? Go ahead and make your choice, because all of these choices are out there depending on your source of information.  Does it even matter?  Who does he need to be?  Pour whatever traits your position needs into this guy until he is unrecognizable. Trayvon, Schmayvon; he’s becoming a poster child for whatever fear a particular group is peddling. But who was he?

Who is George Zimmerman? A mild mannered do-gooder caught in an attempt to do the right thing? A bigoted killer seizing on his opportunity to strike out against a kid armed with skittles? A mentor of fatherless black children? A thwarted rapist? A bad white man? A good Hispanic man? Again, you can choose from the…

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One Response to “Verdict, Schmerdict”

  1. marknicklas July 16, 2013 at 5:30 #

    Thanks for sharing this one, Tom. I wasn’t sure how people might respond. So far, friends across the spectrum say it struck a chord with them.

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