A Whistle in the Dark: Teaser

9 Apr

When swimming in a river as powerful as the muddy Mississippi even the most seasoned swimmers can wear thin against its persistent currents. Every year mid summer Randolph County puts on a tough man competition of sorts. One of the most popular events in the competition is the swim across the Old Miss. Hundreds of competitors break the water at one of the widest sections of the river in hopes that they will be one of the few to overcome the mighty waters and emerge victorious on the other side. The hopes are high for a few hundred men and women every year, but only a small fraction of those who start out find themselves standing on the west bank of the river. Most competitors begin to wane once they hit the powerful currents in the middle of the river and expel themselves from the race. Boats flood the waters to take on exhausted swimmers at every point of the swim. For most competitors, the temptation for relief is too much to resist and they find themselves panting and drip drying from the safety of rescue boats.


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