A Whistle in the Dark-Chapter 6 Preview

30 Mar

Fatherlessness creates an appetite in the soul that demands fulfillment-John Sowers

Already they could feel the rivers current pushing them down stream further away from their destination, but both boys adjusted accordingly with each stroke. Eaner knew the current got much stronger past the buoy, but wasn’t about to divulge this fact to Henry Thomas. Their minds were set and their focus was resolute as they powered through the muddy river stroke for stroke and kick for kick. –A Whistle in the Dark: The Adventures of Eaner Pickernan

A Whistle in the DarkThe Adventures of Eaner Pickernan, is a coming of age tale that will both challenge and inspire.  It explores the lessons of healing, forgiveness, tragedy, and most of all, how a boy can be fathered  in the most unsuspecting of ways and by the most unsuspecting of people.


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