A Whistle in the Dark-Bio

26 Mar

There are some things that stay with a person for a life time. No matter how hard you try to ignore, cover up, or just plain deny, some experiences burrow into the dusty crevices of the inner chambers of our hearts, leaving lasting impressions that secretly shape the foundations of everything we believe about the world, people, and most importantly ourselves. For most of us these impressions are formed early in our childhood and have a subtle craftiness to whisper doubts, fears, and accusations into our every thought, leaving us almost completely unaware of their lasting impact upon our lives. No other experience has shaped and molded me more during the impressionable years of my childhood as the slow abandonment of my father. It hasn’t been until recent years that I’ve realized the effects of that abandonment on my heart and how it’s shaped almost every aspect of my life, including how I view God. Sadly, like a solitary drop of rain exploding in an ocean of water, my story is only one amongst millions of others that have yet to be told.

It was on a summer trip to Kansas of all places, where in the quietness of my soul, and the companionship of a best friend, that I discovered an invitation to be initiated into the greatest journey of my life, being fathered by the Father of Fathers. I was in a small two bedroom apartment in middle of nowhere that the voice of God came down and spoke courage into my fearful heart, and inspired me to look at the tragic experiences of my life through the lens of His love. Like many who have gone before me, it was in the bareness of a desert that the Father extended a ladder to reveal his love, but as with Jacob long ago, it was not without a wrestling in my soul, and brokenness in my hip. Like a physician needing to reset a broken bone, for years, God has been taking me back into the broken seasons of my life, especially the abandonment of my father, and showing me how he has always been there and always will be. It has taken the courage of His spirit to re-enter those dark places of my soul, but through obedience directed by love, my true Father has been sweeping out the voices lurking in the darkness, and searing truth upon my heart. A Whistle in the Dark: The Adventure of Eaner Pickernan, is a processing of that journey.

Eaner Pickernan is a fun loving boy that never seems to have a care in the world. He has a keen ability to let things roll of his back, and like most ten year old boys, he’s able to lighten any mood with a perfectly placed joke or word too displace tension with laughter. Unsuspectingly, a cloud of heaviness lands on Eaner after a degrading incident with his sister’s boyfriend that eventually turns into a thunderstorm of confusion after the tragic death of his father. It seemed as if a hand had reached down from the sky and plucked him up from the land of boyhood and dropped him into the stream of men far too soon. He had never swam in waters so treacherous, nor was he was prepared for the journey before him; but Eaner was about to discover how healing and guidance can come from the most unlikely of places and people.

A Whistle in the Dark: The Adventures of Eaner Pickernan, is a coming of age tale that will both challenge and inspire. It explores the lessons of healing, forgiveness, tragedy, and most of all, how a boy can be fathered in the most unsuspecting of ways and by the most unsuspecting of people.


2 Responses to “A Whistle in the Dark-Bio”

  1. Kathy Alexander March 26, 2012 at 5:30 #


    It sounds like your book is a good reflection on an important and on going journey. I look forward to reading your story.

    • tommuellerbooks March 28, 2012 at 5:30 #


      Thanks for your encouragement. I look forward to getting you a copy:-).

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