Reflections on Deep Stuff

14 Feb


“Money must not call the shots. We may have plenty of money to buy a new car, but we must not take our direction from Money (capitalized on purpose-Money as a god). If we serve God, we will buy the car only if we believe he wants us to–an…d we must base that belief on more than preference.

Likewise, if we believe God is leading us to go to the mission field or to help a brother in need, we do not say, “There’s no money, so I can’t.” That also would be serving Money. If God is our master, all money is at his disposal. We must concern ourselves not with what Money says, but with what God says. The need for money may be a factor in our decisions, but it is never the factor. God, not Money, is sovereign. Money–whether by its presence or absence–must never rule our lives.” Randy Alcorn


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