The Case of the Disappearing Marshmallow’s Part 10

2 Feb

Pablo couldn’t believe his porcupine ears as he listened to the penetrating words of Franky the Fox. For years Pablo had carried this anger towards Franky, but more than that, towards marshmallows. This hatred had carried Pablo through the years. When others had moved on with their lives, Pablo was consumed with how he could get revenge, but now he could feel the familiar feelings of revenge and anger melting into a puddle of remorse at his feet. For a moment he tried to resist, but he couldn’t gather the strength to hold on. The weight of the anger was like a mason stone tied firmly around his neck, and he had carried it oh so long. He longed to feel that weight lifted and today he could feel the rope loosening its grip.

Pablo pulled his FlyPhone out of his pocket. There was a sense of nervousness in the air from Peter and Franky, still not knowing what was going through Pablo’s heart and mind. They knew he was only one little click away from total devastation, but the nervousness depleted as Pablo’s face became more and more tender. In a hushed muffled tone, Peter and Franky heard Pablo mutter the words,

“I’m sorry.” “I’m so sorry!”

Pablo fell down to his knees in exhaustion and then lifted his FlyPhone up in the air as an offering to Franky who stood before him. Franky received the offering with a strong sense of relief and then handed it to Peter. It was all finally over! Peter opened up the application and found the App, marshmallow annihilator. He opened the App and saw the total destruction button. He carefully navigated through the menu to get to the settings where he saw the setting, FlyPhone mind control ON. He switched the setting to OFF, and then closed the application. He didn’t know how long it would take for everyone who had a FlyPhone to remember marshmallows again.

As Franky and Pablo talked, Peter decided to call Gilbert to make sure it was all over. Peter dialed the numbers and then heard,

“this is Gilbert the Platypus…if you like beavers and you like ducks, then you’re gonna love Gilbert cause I’m both!”

“Hi Gilbert,” Peter broke in.

“You have no idea how good it is to here your voice.”

“Today has been the longest day of my life Gilbert and I have an important question to ask you buddy.”

“Would you like to come over tonight and make smores?”

There was a slight pause on the line and apprehension filled the air until he heard.

“Boy oh boy would I ever,” exclaimed Gilbert.

Peters little froggy heart leaped inside him and he could barely contain his joy which exploded like mentos dropped in a 2 litter bottle of Sprite. The case of the disappearing marshmallows was over! Marshmallows were now safe, and all the creatures of the swamp land were free to enjoy them once again.

Later that evening Peter, Gilbert, Franky, and Pablo sat around the largest fire that any of them had ever seen or heard of and roasted the most delectable treat ever tasted! They all enjoyed the new friendships formed, but more than anything they enjoyed the sweetest treat in the

The End.


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