The Case of the Disappearing Marshmallow’s Part 8

29 Jan

“Pablo, please don’t do anything rash! You’ve got to come to your senses.”
“Enough talk Peter; I’ve had enough of these charades.”
​With that, Pablo’s prickly little thumb made its way to the app that would be the end of the world as we know it. It would be the end of the sweetest, most delectable treat ever! There wasn’t anything Peter could do, and he had never felt as helpless as in that moment. He closed his eyes as he waited for an explosion of some sorts. Bewilderment spread across his face as he opened his eyes and looked at Pablo the Porcupine. Peter caught Pablo’s eyes as Pablo’s face turned white with fear.

​After all the years of research and planning, Pablo was about to be undermined by the most basic of oversights. What Pablo didn’t take into consideration in all of his planning was that when he was ready to implement the terror of all terrors that he would be standing in between numerous metal warehouses. Anyone that has been to a metal warehouse will tell you that it’s nearly impossible to get a mobile signal. As this knowledge dawned on Pablo, panic set in. Their eyes met with intensity. Peter looked at Pablo as his eyes scanned down to the FlyPhone. Peter just new he had to get that phone, and before Pablo could get a signal. Peter made a mad dash toward Pablo, but at the same instance Pablo took off down the alley, letting Peter gain no ground.

Pablo flung over garbage cans, boxes and anything else he could manage to push over to obscure his assailant. Peter hopped with effectiveness and appeared to be gaining ground until Pablo ducked into one of the dark warehouses. Before Pablo could shut the door and lock it, Peter stretched out to use his foot to block it. He didn’t expect the force in which the door would slam. Pain shot through his foot like lightening shooting through a grass hut. He reamed with pain while Pablo took the opportunity to look for something to block the door.

Pablo breathed heavily as he looked around with intensity but found nothing! In an instant, he looked down at his waist and began to take off his belt. Peter heard Pablo behind the door and knew if he was able to reach the roof that everything would be over. He couldn’t let that happen, pain or no pain. With all the strength he could muster, Peter grabbed the hand rail to pull himself up and once standing lowered his shoulder and made his way towards the door with full force. Pablo was still trying to use his belt as a latch of sorts when the impact of Peters blow struck him in the forehead, and knocked him toward the stairs in confusion. The pain in Pablo’s foot returned with full force and the adrenaline of the moment had worn off. He limped in agony as Pablo gathered his wits.

Pablo shook of the blow and made his way up the stairs. At the same instance Peter reached out in desperation to grasp his foot. Pain shot through his head, chest, and arms. As Pablo broke loose, Peter could see what caused him such agony. Quills filled his body as groans filled his mouth. He fell back against the wall in pain and exhaustion only to watch his dashed hopes make its way to clear airwaves.


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