A Whistle in the Dark-Chapter 4 Preview

27 Jan

Eaner was a little scared the first time that he lowered himself down the drain, but was soon awed by the majestic splendor of the glorious tunnels that seemed to stretch in every direction underneath the whole town. From that day on, Eaner spent countless hours on quests and exploits to uncover all the ancient mysteries of this underground world. He was transformed into mighty warriors, mysterious ninja’s, and great explorers as he travelled through the passages. Each tunnel brought with it a new adventure to be lived or mystery to be solved. This was all before the accident though. After the accident, the tunnels had transformed from a place of adventure into a mighty sanctuary to hide away from the world and its troubles. It had been a few weeks since he had visited the tunnels, and with all the trouble on his mind today from loosing the race, challenging Henry Thomas, and getting his bike stolen, he was drawn to its sanctuary as he made his way up the stairs. Today the tunnels would be a cool place to escape the heat for a few minutes while postponing the inevitable punishment that was soon to come from his mom.


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