The Case of the Disappearing Marshmallow’s Part 3

19 Jan

​Last time on the case of the disappearing marshmallows, Peter was on the phone with his Platypus friend, Gilbert, who was insecure about his tail Instead of having a beaver tail like other platypuses, Gilbert had a duck tail. Peter was hoping that Gilbert would be able to shed some light on the case of the disappearing marshmallows, but even Gilbert couldn’t help.

​Peter hung up the phone feeling so alone. Even his best friend couldn’t help him. Peter decided that he just needed to sit down and rest a bit. He needed some time to think. The second he sat down in his lime green frog chair, his frog berry buzzed. He almost didn’t answer it, but picked it up almost out of habit. He had a text from a number that he didn’t recognize. He opened it up, and what he read made his frog face turn white.

“I have your precious marshmallows Peter and I will destroy them all unless you meet me at the fly on the wall cafe tomorrow at noon.”

​Peter was confused out of his little frog mind. How could anyone do this to such a delectable treat? Who in the world could be so cruel? Peter was so tired, but he couldn’t sleep. All he could think about was how horrible this whole situation was. It wasn’t long before Peter was spread out across his frog chair in complete exhaustion.

​Buzz, buzz, buzzzzzz! Peter’s frog berry woke him up with such a fury of vibrations he was startled right out of his chair. His little frog legs didn’t have strength in them yet so he found himself on the floor in an instant. Peter gathered his wits, and stood upright. For a split second, the world was perfect. For a split second the world hadn’t been deprived of the most fabulous treat in the frogiverse. But it was real. Marshmallow’s had been stolen from all the good little frogs and creatures of the swamp land. The weight of the reality of the situation had landed on poor Peter once again. He wished he could crawl back onto his frog chair and sleep the world away, but he couldn’t sleep it all away. He checked his frog berry to see what time it was. 11:23am. Peter had 37 minutes to get to the fly on the wall cafe for the meeting of his life.


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