A Whistle in the Dark-Chapter 3 Preview

17 Jan

Henry Thomas paused for a moment trying to recover from the obvious rudeness of Eaner, when he made the bold move to continue the conversation.  “I’m new here.  I just moved here from California a week ago.  How long have you lived here?”  Eaner was a little shocked that the conversation was still going, and his agitation was increasing with each word spoken.  “Listen,” Eaner said, “I don’t want to be your friend.  I don’t care that you just moved here from California and that you’re new in town.  For all I care, you can just keep on moving.  You must think you’re super cool winning the race like you did today, but I guarantee you wouldn’t beat me twice, that’s for sure!”  Henry Thomas sensed the challenge but was still a little taken back by Eaner’s tone.  “What’s your problem?” Henry Thomas finally blurted out.  “You’re my problem,” Eaner replied.  With that, Henry Thomas turned towards Eaner with an aggressive stance ready to defend himself should Eaner escalate the confrontation.


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