A Whistle in the Dark Chapter 2 Preview

12 Jan

I am dangerously close to finishing the rough draft of my first novel, ‘A Whistle in the Dark-The Adventures of Eaner Pickernan.’  It is has been a year in the making and a lot of fun along the way.  Stay tuned for more previews.  I welcome your feedback for the next part of the journey, the second draft.


The countdown on the clock was now 10 seconds.  Eaner squatted in position ready to strike the water like lightening.  His heart pounded furiously in his chest as he waited for the whistle to blow.  Just when he didn’t think he could wait another second, the silence was broken by the deafening high pitch that would seal his future forever.  The calmness of the water was violently interrupted as bodies pierced its’ surface.  Eaner had gotten an excellent start as his legs pushed off the side of the pool and his hands perfectly split the water like a knife through butter.  The time for thinking was over, and the time for action had begun.  Eaner broke the surface of the water in perfect stride as his legs pumped with fury like never before.  He knew that the secret to victory was all in his legs which was why he had been working them so hard all summer.  His new bike had helped with that.



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