A Whistle in the Dark Chapter 1 Preview

11 Jan

It was a muggy, entirely all too pungent afternoon on the freshly paved back roads in the small Illinois town of Chester. The furious scent of tar and heat smoldered in the hot humid air like a thick layer of fog trapped under an invisible canopy. It was the kind of hot that left one laboriously gasping for breath with even the faintest of activities and movement. Even walking was a chore after only a few minutes of exposure to such temperatures, and it seemed only children were foolish enough to venture outside for any length of time. Eaner bolted out the front door of his house violently forcing the wooden screen door to slam against the siding as he hurdled down the porch steps where his new Huffy road master bike laid patiently waiting to be ridden.  There was no other possession Eaner prized more than his new Huffy. It was a little heavy for jumps, but on that bike there was nowhere he couldn’t go and nothing he couldn’t do. The world was at his finger tips, and he had every intention of exploring it to its’ fullest.


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