Coming Soon: A Whistle in the Dark-The Adventures of Eaner Pickernan

10 Dec

Eaner Pickernan is a fun loving boy that never seems to have a care in the world. He has a keen ability to let things roll of his back, and like most ten year olds, he’s able to lighten any mood with a perfectly placed joke or word too displace tension with laughter. Unsuspectingly, a cloud of heaviness lands on Eaner after a degrading incident with his sister’s boyfriend that eventually turns into a thunderstorm of confusion after the tragic death of his father. It seemed as if a hand had reached down from the sky and plucked him up from the land of boyhood and dropped him into the stream of men far too soon. He had never swam in waters so treacherous, nor was he prepared for the journey before him; but Eaner was about to discover how healing and guidance can come from the most unlikely of places and people.


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