Part 11

4 May

Little did the children know that the steps they were now taking where the first ever to have crossed this threshold, by any humans, glow worms, or any other creatures, save the ones that were the lineage of Sigmurethra (slugs).  While stepping over the threshold, an evident change in the atmosphere accompanied their every step. It was like they were walking through a door way that had an invisible sheet hanging down making its presence none, but not really hindering progression.  The air was thick and moist. In a matter of steps they came to the apparent end of the thin invisible layer and were immediately surprised by an enormous creature only feet away from them that they couldn’t see while standing at the threshold. They pressed through the thick mist to clearly see what was before them, and were astounded as they were greeted by an enormous green slug. It must have been twice the mass of an African elephant considering its length. It stood 9 feet high and stretched out for about 25 feet from nose to tail. Unlike any other slug they had seen, this one had obvious facial features, which they had never seen on a slug before. On its back was a harness or saddle just like the one they had seen on their porch before their whole adventure started. The children gasped when then saw the creature clearly. It was partly out of fear and partly out of disgust as their eyes took in the slimy creature. They stood speechless not knowing what to do when the slug spoke.

“Welcome to the city of Sigmurethra.  My name is Galant and I have been sent to be your guide and counselor during your stay with us. You must be exhausted after such a tremendous day.”

With complete amazement, Eva opened her mouth.

“My name is Eva, and this is my sister Katie, and my brother Will.”

“We have been awaiting your arrival with great anticipation,” Galant exclaimed!

“We are now on the cusp of one of the most exciting series of events for my people and the land of Motto. We have looked forward to your coming for hundreds of years. I’ve not been able to sleep for nights after hearing that the time of your appearing had come. I was so privileged to be the chosen slug to beckon you.”

“Were you the slug on our porch last night,” Eva asked?

“Yes, that was me.”

“How were you so small,” William blurted out, but before Galant could speak Eva interrupted.

“How did we get here? And, where is here?”

Katie finally broke in and asked, “Why do they think I’m a princess?”

Galant just smiled as the children talked over each other trying to get their questions answered.

“You must have many questions, all of which will be answered in time. You must be so exhausted after traveling through the night. Climb on my back and I will take you to your quarters. On the way I will try to answer your questions.”

In a timid voice Katie shyly said, “Can I just walk?”

“I know you must be scared child, but time is of the essence. We still have far to travel and it would take a human child much longer to travel the distance. You must trust me little one.”

“Please, climb on.”

One by one Eva helped Will and Katie up the rope latter that hung down off the side of the enormous slug. They burrowed into the spacious saddle as Eva made her way up.

“Hold on tight children,” Galant said.

“Yeah, hold on you guys, we are going to travel at the speed of slug,” William said sarcastically thinking only Katie and Eva could hear him.

With that, Galant took off like a rocket. He weaved and bobbed like a heat sinking missile locked on a moving target as he narrowly escaped columns and ledges with accuracy and precision. William flung backwards for a moment, but finally regained his balance. He looked over at Eva and Katie who were clinging to the harness for dear life. Fear gripped him for a slight instance, but as he gathered his wits, the expression of terror on his face gave way to a small smirk. In a matter of seconds the peaks of his slight smirk had reached upward until it fully grasped the heavens above, stretching from one side of the sky to the other.


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