The Case of the 109 Slugs and a Lizard Part 9

14 Dec

Part 9

An eerie silence enveloped the occupied terrain and surrounding woods as the glow worms scanned the area with a heightened suspicion.  The calm was interrupted by an intense crack of thunder that echoed through the heavens at a deafening volume.  No sign of movement was remotely detected other than the tree’s and knee high grass that danced and swayed to the wind that passed between them.

“I don’t like this you guys,”  Eva spoke.

“What do you think they are looking for,”  William said?

“I know that force field is supposed to keep us safe, but I don’t feel

safe,” Eva stated plainly.

With that, the commanding glow worm held up his hand.  The action was repeated throughout the ranks until the force field was lowered and the carriage was lifted again and on the move.  After traveling for no doubt hours, the carriage finally came to a stop once more, only this time in a much more relaxed fashion.

“Stand up you guys and look at this,” Eva exclaimed!

“I can’t tell what it is Eva,” William moaned.

“Stand on the bench you two and you’ll be able see.”

As they climbed onto the bench their eyes widened in excitement while their pupils constricted to focus on the magnificent scene before them.  Just over the next hill top was the most glorious display any of them had ever gazed upon. Towers stretched across the valley making the big apple seem like an apple seed that would hope to one day grow into a city even half this splendid. Encircling the whole city was a green glow that blanketed the fortress of towers just like the one that the glow worms had produced to protect them earlier.

Without warning the carriage moved foreword, almost knocking Katie and William on the floor, giving Eva the opportunity to come to their rescue. As they squinted with determination and resolve to take in everything, Eva thought she saw vehicles just inside the glow of the forcefield. They were long, oval, and yellow and seemed to move at a brisk pace.

“I wonder how they travel, William questioned?

“We’re about to find out I think, Will.” Katie said.

Just then a long continuous horn interrupted, as the carriage once again came to an unexpected halt.



copyright of tommuellerbooks

Written by Tom Mueller


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