The Case of the 109 Slugs and a Lizard Part 7

8 Dec

Part 7

As the glowing creatures arose from the mud and muck, Katie, Willie and Eva continued their stunned poses of disbelief and shock until one of the powerful voices reverberated once again.


It echoed off the spongy colorful mushroom tree and no doubt pierced the hearts of every creature in the valley. The voice soared stealthily like a silent arrow of fear through the night carried by the wind through trees and hills until finally reaching its intended victims. Upon impact it injected its poison of terror to all within an ear shot resulting in paralysis of heart, robbing even the mightiest of courage and strength.  The shout was unexpected and terrible!  Even Katie, who could understand what was spoken, was taken back by the sheer volume.

“Katie, what did he just say?  Eva uttered with a trembling voice.”

“He said, take them to the queen.”

No sooner did the words escape Katie’s mouth, when a horn blasted behind them, startling them all.  It blew long and powerfully, successfully communicating its intended message.  Without delay, the creatures hurried to formation, while four glow worms approached the children with a carriage apparatus hoisted upon their shoulders.  They placed the carriage at their feet and then slowly and deliberately back away, careful not to scorch the children from their unbearable body heat.  Hesitantly, Eva grabbed the hands of Katie and William and ushered them into the carriage.  It was solid and metallic yet miraculously transparent from the inside.  As they sat down on the cushioned bench seats, they watched the four glow worms approach the carriage, and once again hoisted it above their heads and walked at a surprisingly smooth pace.

William reached his hand over towards Eva, and gave her a slight pinch on the arm.

“Ouch Will!”

With a slight smirk, He smiled.

“Sorry Eva, I just had to make sure we weren’t dreaming!”

“It’s alright Will, she chuckled.  I was wondering the same thing myself.”



Copyright of tommuellerbooks

Written by Tom Mueller


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