The Case of the 109 Slugs and a Lizard Part 6

6 Dec

Part 6

The eyes of the creature opened with a luminescent glow and immediately locked on the young ones with the intensity of a laser scope on its prey. Their eyes watered from the pungent smell of the glow worm, as a blasting heat that emanated from the creature cooked them from a distance. They stood their paralyzed with fear waiting for the worst to happen.

“Wumba da de lamba humshe ka werse,” the creature spoke with authority.

Startled by the mysterious strong voice, they shrank back in confusion.

“Humshe ka werse!” the creature shouted again thunderously.

The stock of the mushroom tree vibrated furiously. Fear gripped their hearts as they cowered in the presence of this brilliant spectacle.

“What are we going to do?” William whispered so quietly his words were barely recognizable.

“I don’t know Will?”

Eva mustered the courage to speak to the creature with a mumbled timid voice.

“I don’t know what you want?  I’m Eva, and this is my brother and sister.  We don’t know where we are or how we got here.  Can you understand me?”

“Humshe ka werse!” the creature shouted again impatiently and stomped its foot so that mud splattered upon impact.

Two more creatures surrounded the children.  The heat was almost unbearable now with the arrival of the other glow worms.

“Eva, I don’t know why, but I know what their saying,” Katie whispered.

“What?  How do you know what they’re saying?”

“I just do.”

“Then what do they want?”

“It’s asking why we are here.”

As the two of them talked, Katie became more visible to the creatures as she moved out from behind Eva ever so slightly.

One of the creatures upon getting a clear view of Katie proclaimed in an astounded tone, “Sha sha cum damba,” as it pointed to her wrist.

The words were repeated from the other creatures in astonishment as they all pointed in amazement now.

“What’s happening Katie?”

“I think they think I’m a princess or something.”

“A princess, William mumbled!  Why do they think you’re a princess?”

“Who knows William, but this may save our lives.  Katie, move in front of me.”

Katie slowly and hesitantly stepped in front of her big sister, and as she did, the creatures stepped back in admiration.  One by one they fell to their knees in the mud and rain in submission to an 8 year old girl.



Copyright of tommuellerbooks

Written by Tom Mueller


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