The Case of the 109 Slugs and a Lizard Part 5

4 Dec

Part 5

“Whoa, what is that Eva?”

“I don’t know William…., I don’t even know where we are?”

The flaming lights floated slowly towards the valley of shrubbery below, and closer and closer to their mushroom sanctuary. They all felt a little nervous, but had no clue what to do. The words ‘I’m scared,’ seeped out of Katie’s mouth while she squeezed Eva’s hand with more strength than Eva thought possible for such a little girl. Their bodies tensed from the anticipation of what was upon them. They finally heard a thump that reverberated through the mushroom top that sheltered them, then another, and another. In a matter of moments a shower of thuds echoed above them.

“Why aren’t any of the lights falling to the ground,” Katie whispered?

“They are all landing on the mushrooms and that’s it! It like they are being steered.”

William gathered the courage to sneak away from the huddle for a moment and moved out from under the colossal canopy to sneak a peak at what ever was falling. He couldn’t quite make it out in the darkness, but he could see clear enough to recognize parachutes attached to something glowing that was obviously guiding the chutes. He rejoined the huddle as they burrowed in silence and apprehension.

“What do you think is steering them,” Willie whispered to whoever would answer?

“I’m not sure Will, but whatever they are, they are glowing,” Eva replied.

Since the mushroom they were under towered over the others, there was a clear line of sight as the mystery stars landed on the smaller shrooms around them. They couldn’t see much, but what was evident to them all was that the glowing stars were moving once they landed on the shrooms. The rain had finally died down, so not only was their vision unobscured, but now they could hear a pin drop. Across the valley as if in unison, whatever the creatures were, made hut sounds like they were a military squad. Before they had time to feel nervous about their vulnerable position, a rope dropped directly in front of them about 35 feet away, then another to their right,  and once again to their left. They slid around the large stock trying to find any place to conceal themselves, but all to no avail because something was repelling down right in front of them.

The luminescent glow of the figure before them was unlike anything they had ever seen on earth. The creature slid so quickly down the rope that they all had little time to prepare for the encounter that was upon them. The repellers feet hit the ground with a thud as mud splattered and exploded around him. Eva, Katie, and William were all speechless before the intimidating glowing figure that now stood only feet from them. If it hadn’t been for the intensity of the moment, they all would have broken out in laughter as they realized what was actually standing in front of them.

A distant yet familiar pungent odor emanated from the fluorescent figure. If you have ever been to the mid-west or anywhere else where there are lightening bugs, you would recognize the smell immediately. When you catch a fire fly and pull it’s rear off to smear the fluorescent liquid onto your hands, it leaves a very distinct scent. This scent would be unbearable under most circumstances, but is tolerable in such an instance for the fact that the end result is a human lightsaber hand. This exact scent only magnified a hundred times over, burned their nostrils and took away their breathe as they tried to steady themselves. Eva pulled Katie and William close and tucked them both behind her like a hen protecting her chicks when the glowing creature lifted it’s head in their direction. At this point it was unmistakable what the creature was, yet still unbelievable. Standing before them was a 10 ft tall glow worm from another planet!

Copyright of tommuellerbooks

Written by Tom Mueller


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