The Case of the 109 Slugs and a Lizard Part 4

3 Dec

Part 4

As they stood there speechless for what seemed like an eternity, a solitary rain drop crashed on Eva’s nose in a miniature explosion.

“Oh great, she said in a highly annoyed tone!”

“What are we going to do?”

“We don’t have anywhere to go.”

Before another word was spoken, rain drops started to fall in a frenzy. Eva grabbed Katie and Willies hands and started to run towards the mushroom trees to see if they could find refuge under one of the less bushy ones. They ran hand in hand for about fifty yards when Katie pointed.

“Look over there Eva! That’s a huge one, and it doesn’t look bushy.”

This particular mushroom tree toward over the others in the vicinity. They ran with fury as the rain came in full force now. They had never felt rain like this in Washington. The drops were the size of small gum balls and bursted on impact saturating every inch of their clothing. They arrived at the giant towering mushroom and were relieved to find shelter from the elements for the time being. As they examined their surroundings they were amazed by the mongo mushroom as they leaned against it’s stock in utter exhaustion. The mushroom was the largest umbrella ever conceived.

As they leaned against the stock they were comforted to find that it was soft and spongy just like their mushrooms back home. William dug his hand into the humongous fungus, surprised at the ease in which a chunk peeled off.

He pulled it to his nose and exclaimed in a smirky, nasally tone… “ it smells like snausberries!” He paused like a seasoned comedian for effect, but relented when all he received was raised eyebrows and annoyed gazes.

“I was just kidding,” he finally grunted!

“Eva, taste this?”

“No, you taste it William, if you want to know what it tastes like so bad!”

“It smells like blueberry muffins though, and a mushroom can’t taste like a blueberry muffin can it?”

Katie finally chimed in…, “taste it Will.”

William finally consented at least in word, still not knowing if he would actually go through with the deed when it came down to it. He put the chunk to his nose again and took a giant sniff! He was expecting more of the pleasant blueberry muffin scent to help convince him further, but what he received was a small fragment that flew up his nose as he sniffed furiously.  The girls irrupted in laughter and convulsions as they grabbed their sides and gasped for air. William snorted and snuffed for a good minute while they all tried to catch their breath and gather their composure.  Any tension they had before evaporated in the laughter and snorts of William the great!

Relief finally came to William’s nasal cavities, but even more importantly to Katie and Eva’s stomachs and lungs. As their body’s started to relax from the comedy performance, sobriety and concern graced their faces once again. For a moment they had forgotten about the gravity of the situation they were in. They were on what they thought could quite possibly be another planet, they weren’t wearing any shoes, they were all coatless, and night was creeping in upon them like they were two year olds under a bed snickering in a game of hide and seek.  Eva new they needed to find more permanent shelter, and quick, but from what she could see, the mushroom tree was their best bet.

As the suns were setting, the horizon was filled with more vibrancy than they had ever experienced. It was a work of art in progress as the reflections of the multiple suns blazed like flaming brushes that painted the canvas more perfectly than Rembrandt could have ever dreamed. All three of them leaned against the mushroom and enjoyed the master piece being created before their eyes. Just as the final touches were added, the artist reached for the curtain of night and gently pulled it over the beautiful backdrop to conceal its beauty for another day. They huddled close together preparing themselves for the seemingly long night, when William spotted a falling star in the darkened sky.

“Look you guys, a falling star!”

They were mesmerized as they watched it fall, but this falling star didn’t vanish away like others they had seen. This star seemed different. Another one lit up the night sky in the distance in similar fashion. Then another…and another. Soon, the whole night sky was filled with showers of trailing lights.

Copyright of tommuellerbooks

Written by Tom Mueller


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