The Case of the 109 Slugs and a Lizard Part 3

2 Dec

Part 3

As they all stood there in amazement watching the slimy little guy slither across the porch, the wind began to whistle through the valley at a faster pace. It sounded like it was blowing right into a Coke bottle, although, they were too captivated with the slug to notice. Both William and Katie folded their arms in unison for warmth without even realizing they were cold. Eva broke the silence as she noticed the change in the weather.

“It’s getting cool out hear,” she mumbled, as she folded her arms like she was wrapping herself in an imaginary blanket.

At that same instance the wind picked up in a fury as the chimes on the porch clapped thunderously. The valley went eerily silent except for the low pitched hum from the stream of wind that seemed as if it was taking form as it reached the kids on the porch.

“Come on, we better get inside you two,” Eva spoke loudly, competing with the wind.

At that moment, the door which had been left open through out the whole escapade was blown shut with violent force. The wind was now unmistakably taking form, like streamers trailing a wind sock, as it whirled around them like a tiny little tornado. Fear would have gripped their hearts as they huddled in what seemed like the eye of a storm, but everything happened so fast. Just as quickly as the tornado swept them up, the wind began to die down, but something was different now. They were all too dizzy and disoriented to completely take in the last few moments, but once their bodies and eyes adjusted, they were awed by what they saw. They were no longer standing on the porch of their house with familiar surroundings like the two pink porch chairs, but they were somewhere altogether different, although they didn’t know where.

“Eva, Katie said in the quietest voice possible; where are we?”

She snuggled them closely. “I don’t know Kate…. I donnn’t know!”

As the dust settled around them, they all tried to gather their wits about what just took place. Both William and Katie looked up at Eva hoping for an answer or a simple explanation without actually speaking, receiving nothing but the same confused look that was on their own faces. As they scanned their surroundings they were amazed at what they saw! The tornado had landed them on the peak of a mountain that overlooked the most beautiful valley they had ever laid eyes upon, but at the same time, they couldn’t actually recognize anything that decorated the mountain and valley below.

Instead of trees, there were forty feet tall mushroom trees that blanketed the surroundings. The colors of the mushrooms looked like they were left overs from the set of a skittles commercial, but let out a fragrance of what vaguely smelled like freshly baked blueberry muffins. It was quite pleasant to the senses. Hanging from the mushrooms from what looked like a stringy material, were bushels of banana like fruits, only not yellow, but a vibrant hot pink. As they all looked up at one of the towering giants, a tiny monkey like creature came swinging by from the stringy ropes to pluck some of the hot pink bananas. After grabbing a handful, the little creature swung to the top of the shroom and began to gnaw away at his treat. They were all surprised to hear that the treat was anything but soft, from the sound that emanated as the little guy crunched away at an annoyingly loud volume.

William went running over to one of the mushrooms, but had difficulty pressing through because they were surrounded by thick bush like plants that were filled with thorns the size of pencils. He quickly deserted his efforts once he noticed the defenders of the mushrooms. Eva glanced up to the sky, and then pointed in disbelief.

“Look you guys, there are three suns!”

“Do you know what this means?”

William and Katie were speechless, but not necessarily following their big sisters train of thought.

“You guys,” she said in a perplexed tone, “Earth only has one sun…”

Copyright of tommuellerbooks

Written by Tom Mueller


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