The Case of the 109 Slugs and a Lizard Part 1

30 Nov

Part 1

Katie and Willie were out playing in the yard on a cool November evening when Eva yelled out from the back sliding door;

“Katie and Willie, time to come in.”

She pushed up her glasses using her index finger with a hint of impatience like a school teacher waiting for her class to come to order. William came roaring around the corner of the house with a round cardboard container of iodized salt in his fist, while Katie came trotting at a leisurely pace like a princess in her own little world. Eva quickly noticed the salt in William’s hand, and made a disgusted grunt of disapproval as only a 13 year old girl can do with such perfection.

“William, that’s so gross.”

“Mom told us too,” he replied.

“Well, mom’s not here now, so you can salt slugs when she’s home, but now it’s time to get ready for bed,” She stated matter of factly.

Katie, quickly yelled, “I’m first!”

William was not about to oppose such an offer, when Eva broke in.

“Katie, you take longer than Will, so he’s going to go first.”

Both shrugged their shoulder in mild frustration, but surrendered to the final word of their big sister.

William bolted towards the bathroom with way too much energy for 8:30 at night, while Katie bounced toward her room like a little bunny rabbit without a care in the world. It couldn’t have been longer than a minute and a half when William came blasting through the bathroom door with his faded Cars pajamas and wet head, and blazed a trail up the stairs to his room. Katie grabbed her neatly folded princess pink night dress and made her way to the tub.

While Katie would take the next 15 minutes in the bath, William was in his room looking for the perfect book to end the evening. He narrowed his selection down to two books, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and The Case of The Disappearing Marshmallows, when he heard Katie exit the bathroom. Quickly, he grabbed his books and made a mad dash down the stairs, around the banister, and sock slid across the wood floor to Eva and Katie’s room. In an instance both of them were on the bed and ready for a story and be tucked in. What they didn’t know was that there was a story that was waiting for them.



Copyright of tommuellerbooks

Written by Tom Mueller


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