The Case of the Disappearing Marshmallows Part 5

23 Nov

Part 5

Last time on the case of the disappearing marshmallows Peter received this note which read,

“You have come this far Peter the Frog, so you won’t mind going a little further, if you love your precious marshmallows.  After you’re done reading this note I want to go outside to the corner of the street and wait for the bus number 23.  Get on the bus and wait for my next set of instructions.  If for some reason you miss the bus or try something tricky, you can say good bye to your lovely’s.”

Peter calmly left the cafe while stuffing the note in his pocket. He walked to the corner and waited for bus 23 to arrive. As he waited Peters mind rushed with a frenzy of thoughts. He felt like he was in the midst of a mystery he just couldn’t figure out.  What are the clues he thought to himself. Perhaps there is something in the text. Maybe there is some clue in the note. As Peter’s mind raced, bus 23 pulled up. As the door to the bus opened slowly, Peter stepped forward. As he walked through the door, he knew he was entering into a world of danger in which he would not be able to return.

Peter sat near the door in case he needed to make a fast escape. He didn’t know what to expect. He pulled the note out of his pocket trying to figure out what to do. The note gave him no clues.  He waited for something, for anything. He looked at his frog berry. He had been on the bus for over 30 minutes and just when he was about to give up, his frog berry buzzed. The text read,

“Get off at the next stop, and I’ll be waiting for you behind the purple elephant.”

The bus slowed to a stop and the door opened. Peter stepped out the door and looked around with intensity. He looked in every direction, but saw no purple elephant. As the bus pulled away Peter looked where it had just been and there was it was. The purple elephant was across the street. It wasn’t what he had expected at all. He was looking for a statue or something, but it was a toy factory. He walked down the alley to get behind the factory. As he turned the corner what he saw almost made him drop to his knees. Pablo the Porcupine stood before Peter with a small pile of marshmallows at his feet.

Peter was speechless.  He had known Pablo for years.  He could have never imagined that Pablo was capable of such a horrible thing.  The only word that escaped Peter’s mouth as he stood before Pablo was, “Why?”

“Why would you do such a thing,” exclaimed Peter?

“What did marshmallows ever do to you except fill your bellow with yummy goodness?”

“Yummy goodness,” Pablo shouted out in anger!

“Yummy goodness, I’ll tell you about yummy goodness!”

“When you were off roasting marshmallows on a stick to stuff your froggy face with smores, I was being used as the stick.”

Peter didn’t understand what Pablo was talking about.

“What do you mean Pablo?”

“What do you mean you were used as a stick?”

After a long silence, Pablo finally spoke.  His face was a little more tender this time, and Peter almost thought that he actually saw a tear fall down Pablo’s cheek as he spoke.

“When I was a young porcupine Pablo said softly, the foxes used to pick on me horribly.”

“I was off camping in the woods with my friends one summer, and we were settling in to make some treats after playing in the lake.”

“We started a huge bon fire.”

“This wasn’t just any fire, but this was the fire of fires.”

“This fire was so big you could see it from space!”

“We pulled out our sticks to start roasting marshmallows for smores when we heard a noise in the woods moving closer to us.”

“It was the sound of howls, and a lot of them.”

“Soon we were surrounded by foxes, and what they did to me and my friends is the reason why I’m destroying all your precious marshmallows.”



Copyright of tommuellerbooks

Written by Tom Mueller


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