The Case of the Disappearing Marshmallows Part 4

23 Nov

Part 4

Last time on the case of the disappearing marshmallows, Peter’s had 37 minutes to get to the fly on the wall café to meet with the sinister person that was holding all the poor marshmallows of the frogiverse hostage.

Peter’s heart was pounding as he jumped up to the side walk next to the café.  He was breathing heavily, and his throat kept blowing a big green bubble every time he breathed in and out.  He tried to hold back his croaks as the bubble blew in and out, in and out.  He had jumped all the way from his house, and he lived at least 5 miles away.  It would have been quite comical except for the dire situation Peter was in.  He finally caught his breath, and gathered his wits as he walked up to the café.  He looked around like a lion stalking out its prey.  Peter didn’t want to be caught by surprise.  His frog eye’s scanned the room carefully, but he didn’t see anyone yet.  He read his frog berry, and it read 11:59am.  Peter kept walking into the café and sat down at a table near the back where he could see the layout of the whole café.  A moment later the waiter caught his eye.  Pablo the porcupine had been working at the fly on the wall café for years.  Pablo strolled up to the table, and said,

“Hi Peter, can I get you anything to drink?”

Peter accepted, and asked for a delicious glass of fly juice.

The clock on his frog berry read 12:02.  As Pablo the porcupine who was the waiter in at the Fly on the Wall Café brought Peter his drink, but he had something else for Peter also.  He explained to Peter that about an hour ago a gardener snake named buck came in and left this note for Peter the Frog.  Pablo passed Peter the note, along with the glass of fly juice.  Peter was scared to see what the note would say, but knew that he couldn’t delay.  Peter unfolded the note and read,

“You have come this far Peter the Frog, so you won’t mind going a little further if you love your precious marshmallows.  After you’re done reading this note I want to go outside to the corner of the street and wait for the bus number 23.  Get on the bus and wait for my next set of instructions.  If for some reason you miss the bus or try something tricky, you can say good bye to your lovely’s.”



Copyright of tommuellerbooks

Written by Tom Mueller


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