The Case of the Disappearing Marshmallows Part 2

21 Nov

Part 2

Last time on the case of the disappearing marshmallows, Peter had pulled out his frog berry phone, and was about to call his best friend Gilbert who loved marshmallows more than little human boys love Mario brothers. If marshmallows had really disappeared, Gilbert would know.

Gilbert was out working in the garage, as all platypuses’ love to do on their days off, when he heard his phone ring. He answered,

“Hi, this Gilbert the platypus. If you like beavers and you like ducks, then you’re going to love Gilbert cause I’m both!”

Gilbert was kind of a strange guy and really insecure about his tail. Most platypuses’ have a beaver tail, but Gilbert was born with one of those funny little duck tails.  Nobody cared about his duck tail except him though.

Peter Interrupted excitedly, “Gilbert, listen up!”

“Something strange has happened in the town of frogville.”

“I was at the store getting the stuff for smores, but I couldn’t find the marshmallows anywhere, he explained.”

“At first I thought they had just moved them, but when I started asking around, nobody even knew what marshmallows were.”

“I’m scared Gilbert! What if I can never have my favorite snack in the whole wide frogiverse again.”

Peter waited for Gilbert to say something. Surely, Gilbert would be as concerned as he was about this issue. If there were no more marshmallows there would not only be no more smores, but you would not be able to ever have delectable morsels like rice crispy treats, sweet potato’s covered with mallows, rocky road ice cream, or the beloved peanut butter and marshmallow cream sandwich’s.

Without the marshmallows you would just have rice crispies or plain old sweet potatoes. Without the marshmallows rocky road ice cream would just be road ice cream!  That’s just wrong! If marshmallow’s no longer existed, life would never be the same that’s for sure!

As Peter thought about all these things, he could have never prepared himself for what he was about to hear. The words came out of Gilbert’s mouth and landed on his heart like a break dropped on a snail,  “Peter, what in the world are marshmallows?”



Copyright of tommuellerbooks

Written by Tom Mueller


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